Exercises You Can Do At Home

Exercises You Can Do At Home

When you understand and learn some of the movements that you can perform with your own body, then you will appreciate the idea that your body is your gym. The human body is an amazing tool, and there are dozens and dozens of exercises you can do at home.  You will keep strong physically and mentally when you routinely accomplish these exercises.

What Is This Idea Your Body Is Your Gym Anyways?

There are individuals who like to go to commercial gyms to work out, and there are others who don’t like to exercise in a commercial gym.  Sadly they feel that they have no other option but to go the gym. However, as a personal trainer I am here to tell you that for more than 9 years being an avid fitness trainee who likes to exercise, there many ways where you can exercise at home using your body as a gym.  You can have the option of using many of the affordable pieces of fitness equipment at home if you like to make your fitness training as effective if not better than you would in a commercial gym.
And the stronger you become physically, the more exercises you can do at home, and subsequently you will need less fitness equipment.
Let me explain what I mean....
Performing Push-Ups

Push ups Exercises You Can Do At Home

Performing pushups (the regular ones or modified to make it easier or harder)
Many do not like doing push ups because they are very challenging to do; thus some choose to use bulky machines to work out the chest area, or exercise with dumbbell presses on a flat bench. However, this does not mimic the same action and the involved muscles when performing the body weight push ups. 

If you start performing the easier version of push ups such as knee push ups or hands-elevated push ups where the resistance demand is less, then you are involving almost all of the muscles. As a result you will become stronger, then you can work your way up to the regular push ups.
For those who say push ups are too easy to perform and feel unchallenged and think it is a boring exercise to do, then I suggest for these individuals the following strategies:
-Perform the clap push ups where you need to push your body up in the air with enough force so you can clap once or twice before you land back on the floor.
-Another way to make this exercise fun and challenging is to use the affordable fitness equipment, Power Push-Up 3, where you will be able to add more resistance through these powerful resistance bands.
-Another added resistance is the weight vest weighing from 10 to 50 pounds that you can wear; it will make push ups really fun.
The push-up exercise primarily focuses on the chest area and triceps muscles, but it also stimulates the midsection area and legs via isometric tension if the exercise is done correctly by following directions.
Strengthening Your Legs

Performing Bodyweight Squats
The lower body is equally important so the muscles of your legs need to be stimulated through different types of movements and adding resistance such as body weights or walking on an uphill sidewalk. One example of how to use your body is your gym. 

It is a proven and practical principle in doing bodyweight squats such as full squats or partial squats.  If you are not able to lower your buttocks all the way down by almost brushing the ground, then continue performing the above exercises to strengthen your legs.
Another exercise besides the bodyweight squats exercise is doing the “sitting on imaginary chair,” and it is also known as “the wall-sit.”  This exercise is where you have your back in contact against the wall, and then you gradually lower your body until you look like you are sitting on a chair, but in reality you are not sitting on a chair. Your knees should be bent 90 degrees, and your whole back area in contact with the wall.

Then you hold this pose for 20 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. This is a very effective exercise to strengthen and build muscles in your quadriceps, and all it requires is a wall to lean against and your discipline along with your desire and determination.
You can also do lunges--the static or dynamic version. There are many other modifications you can make to perform these fun and challenging exercises.
Strengthening Your Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal exercises done at home

Training your abdominal muscle or midsection around your waist can be done on the floor like doing the old-fashioned abdominal crunches.  Another exercise is the plank or bridge pose where the deep and superficial abdominal muscles need to work hard to keep you stable during the plank pose.  Don’t forget about the side bridge or the side plank exercise which will work on strengthening the oblique or the side abdominal muscles.
You can also use the abdominal wheel such as Power Wheel which I like for its dual usage.  Just be careful using the abdominal wheel since it can be too hard for many beginners, but advanced individuals will most likely love it.

Exercising the buttocks and hamstrings at home
The buttocks consist of the layers of muscles which are the maximus, medius, and minimus muscles. One of the best ways to stimulate these muscles and make them firm is by not sitting too much during the day, but rather perform uphill walking and some hiking (gentle or moderate difficulty). Another way to utilize the principle of your body is your gym.  This exercise is performed by standing with both feet pointing straight forward and then simply squeezing your buttocks muscles.
Being In the Fresh Air

Being in the Fresh Air Hiking or Walking or Jogging
There is nothing like walking, jogging, or hiking in the fresh air surrounded by trees, mountains, birds, sun exposure, or whatever is surrounding you by being outdoors. There is something about being outdoors that can be physically and mentally therapeutic to the whole body.  I recommend everyone should be outdoors on a daily basis or at least a few times a week.  Being outdoors should not stop you from working out, and there are many objects which you can utilize as fitness equipment.
You can do all of the above exercises at home, and they can be performed in the outdoors too.  Places like a park or a hiking trail are perfect to get the muscles working in your body.  And you can also do more where you have the option of performing the step-up exercise using a public bench or a nice boulder which may be somewhere in the park and other fixed objects to utilize for strengthening the lower and the upper body.
 In Summary‚Ķ
You can do all of the above exercises at home or outdoors for that matter and can be tweaked a little bit to fit the fitness level that you are in now. And it does not matter if you are 80 or 12 years old, there is room for everyone to enjoy performing these muscle and joint stimulating exercises.  You need to remember that it is true we need foods to nourish our bodies, but also movement is equally essential so the body does not wither away.  As the saying goes, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.



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